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If you’ve been shopping for a hotshot trailer, chances are you’ve seen hundreds of makes and models. They all claim to have the best deal. What they fail to mention is that the trailer they offer doesn’t have the important features that we offer in our ultimate hotshot package. Any trailer dealer can sell you at 35+5 gooseneck trailer but what other trailer dealers won't tell you is that your going to have to spend thousands of dollars after your purchase in order to make your hotshot trailer efficient and safe. You will get out on your first job and quickly realize the importance of extra tool boxes, deck lighting, sliding winch ratchets, and much more. Our Ultimate Hotshotter Package couples the best frame upgrades and supports with all the convenience features at one super low competitive price.


Frame And Bridge Support Photo

Frame & Bridge Supports

Proper reinforcements in needed locations is a must. We have decades of experience and knowledge to keep your trailer safe and making you money. Frame Support is an additional piece of steel welded to the bottom of I-Beam to prevent sagging over time. Bridge Supports are bridging supports that go from the I-Beam to the outer cross member to prevent the trailer from teetering. This crucial component will relieve a lot of stress on welds over time, thus making your trailer much more durable and long lasting. When you buy an Ultimate Hotshot Trailer from Trailer Mart you will have a trailer that is truly built for the long haul, pun intended.

Torque Tube

What Hotshot trailer would be complete without the torque tube? Our Ultimate Hotshotter package will be equipped with this important component to avoid frame bending and warping under heavy and uneven loads. As you can tell, our torque tube is recessed into our framing and ties the front and back of the trailer together.

Torque Tube Photo

Load Lights on Trailer

Load Lights

Tying down a load at night can be frustrating. We keep that in mind when we order every Ultimate Hotshot Trailer. Our lights help you see you load clearly without holding a flash light in one hand and work with the other! Our Load lights help you concentrate on tying down your load with worrying about being able to see. Some of our models have a light shining toward the gooseneck for hooking up at night and a light shinning in the front tool box! Trailer Mart goes the extra mile for you in every way for you!

Trailer Mart's Tie Down System

A Feature upgrade that is included in the Ultimate Hotshotter Package is our tie down system that includes the following:

(8) commercial grade straps
(7) sliding ratchet winches along the slide rail
(1) stationary ratchet winch located between the wheels and tires welded to the chain rail.

Having this setup already in place makes it much easier, faster, safer, and ultimately more profitable for you! This works much faster and better than the standard tie down system you will find at other dealers.

Hotshot Trailer Tie Downs

Tool Boxes

Additional Tool Boxes

Every Hotshot hauler can attest to the importance of having ample toolbox storage. Our Utimate Hotshotter package will be equipped with one horizontal toolbox on each side, and one large toolbox in the front. All three are lockable, and conveniently located to make your job easy and efficient as possible.

Mega Wide Ramps With Spring Assist

Mega Wide Ramps With Spring Assist

The mega wide ramps also level off the deck giving you extra of usable deck length

Chain Racks on Trailer

Chain Racks

What hotshot trailer would be complete without somewhere to hang your chains and binders? We make it super easy and convenient, saving time and money for our clients at every turn.

Hot Shot Trailers Starting at $329 mth

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